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Here at Terrain Functional Fitness we believe in embracing the unique physical structure of each person and the possibilities available for an active life that engages you both physically and mentally.

A life that’s full of doing things you enjoy and spending time with people you like being with.

A life that challenges you to be better as well as providing time to relax and recharge.

1. There is nothing cookie cutter here.

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The unique mix of your physical structure, health and injury history, previous training/athletics if any, current condition and goals means that everyone gets a unique approach to their training and nutrition.

2. Your body is a connected system.

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I train the whole aspect of your body, health and performance. Core strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, agility and conditioning are addressed as I work on your goals with you. Fast twitch, slow twitch, agonist/antagonist, strength, muscle shape and density, tendon insertion and attachment and the kinesthetic chain all play a role in you getting to where you wish to be too. I’ve learned over many years that cutting corners now and not training the physical whole will, at a minimum lead to a lower artificial ceiling on what you can accomplish and at worst could possibly lead to injuries or health issues later in life.

3. I deal from the real world.

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There are real issues of lifestyle, work schedules, family demands, fluctuating motivation and personal preferences that need to be embraced with your training and nutrition if there is going to be true, effective and lasting change. While it’s nice to hope for a perfect world where everything falls into place to support your desires, it’s far more likely that you’ll need to have a plan B in place so that when life doesn’t go smoothly you can still stay on track to your goals. It’s about doing your very best at the time with what you have, not about being perfect.

4. Your mind and thoughts hold power over results.

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Your mind lends structure and holds sway over your results and physical performance. Your beliefs on what is possible will be expanded, artificial ceilings of performance will be raised and issues of self-esteem or worthiness will be addressed. You also won’t be hit over the head with all this, I’ve created a very unique style of training that will accomplish mental and belief enhancement without training feeling like a therapy session. You will look like, perform and feel like the winner you want to be. Naturally.

5. Environment plays a role too.

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I also address and implement training and nutrition strategies consistent with any environmental conditions (if appropriate) you would find yourself in. Air/Water Temperature, Altitude, Humidity, amongst several other environmental issues will be addressed. A person active at high altitude in cold weather has different needs than someone at sea-level, or underwater in warm, humid weather conditions. I will also show what you will need to adjust if you are competing and game day finds your marathon, triathlon, hiking or other activity in an environment different than one you’d prepared for.