Portrait of Dave

"Many of us grow up with the limiting beliefs and fears of those around us.

I’m living proof that you can, with desire, focus and action expand past these into a life experience so much better than you could have imagined. "

I know personally what it is like to look in the mirror and HATE what you see.

Growing up, in my mirror all I saw was failure. I was deeply frustrated, angry and unhappy. I didn't have low self-esteem, I had NO self-esteem.


Every day at school I would be beaten up and felt there was no where safe for me. And gym class? I would do everything I could to avoid it. I WAS literally the last kid picked for anything. Laughed at and scorned. I just wanted the pain to stop and frequently thought of taking my own life.

But once a year for two weeks the gym teachers would let us use the weight room. And those two weeks changed the course of my life. I loved it and the activity of working out started building my self-esteem and more importantly, my hope. How I felt about myself began to improve. At home, I put together my first barbell, 2 coffee cans (Maxwell House) filled with cement and a broomstick.

smiling Dave
After graduation I made a personal promise that one day I would create a place where people could work on their bodies, no matter their goal. A place without judgement, where they could be safe and be challenged. A place where they can learn to feel better about themselves and their accomplishments too.

school letters
It took a bit of trial and error and more equipment than coffee cans and sticks but I can say that such a place exists today. And I continue to grow too, with everyone I’ve had the honor of working with over these many years.

Thank you all.
Portrait of Dave