Terrain Functional Fitness got its start over a decade ago from a simple phone call.    

A former client was on the phone with desperation in his voice. He shared with me a big regret of his, that he had spent so much time taking care of his career that he had failed to spend time with, or develop much of a relationship with his two sons. Now they were in their 20’s and they had invited him to join them in a bonding weekend by climbing Mt. Baldy in Yosemite. But, as he went on, he knew this was his last opportunity to build a relationship with his boys, and he was in no shape to do the hike and climb. He didn’t know how it was possible to accept and he was desperate. He felt what connection he had with his sons slip away and this opportunity to connect would never come again.

I told him to accept the invite and had him come over immediately and together we worked for a couple months to get him ready for that weekend. He was concerned, but happy when he drove off to meet his sons in Yosemite.

On that Monday, I had one of the best calls I’ve ever had.

It was him, sharing with me the details of the best weekend in his life. He had been able to keep up with every step of the hike and the successful climb and was thrilled that being able to do this, to accept his sons invitation and to spend this special time with them, that he was welcome again in their lives and knew there were so many happy years ahead together. The family that he felt he had let down and slip away was there around him, and he was so very grateful and happy. That time, and that call, I could see the power of time together, the connections that surround us but also knew that while so many wanted to do things, their bodies, either through lack of training, injury or the unknown was unable to do. The desire was there, but the body wasn’t capable. I wanted people to be able to do what they wanted to do, knowing their bodies could do it. There would be no more missed opportunities, and lost futures.

Terrain Functional Fitness was born from that understanding.